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   This section comprises a list of services we are capable of providing with the highest level of proficiency, determination and qualification. Our objective is to apply years of successful experience to deliver the most complex decisions to your business. In order to do it, we use only modern technologies and highly qualified staff with 3+ years of expertise.
   Apart from the primary services, we are willing to consult you with your computer and mobile devices, advice a reliable hosting for your website, choose a free e-mail as well as give tips on where you can order tasty pizza and have a cup of delicious coffee.


   Our studio is in charge of developing a broad range of websites, covering literally all of them, from the easiest business card-type designs to the most functional and graphically saturated e-commerse online shops. Our major goal is not only a complete satisfaction of our clients, but also helping your site`s visitors to deeply comprehend provided solutions and offered by your business goods or services. The design created by Ideal Decision Studio aims at sending a cristal clean and concise message to your prospect consumer, who wants to find exactly such kind of visually appealing and accesible site. We think how to provide all these advantages depending on logic, creativity and years of proper experience. We develop handy and eye-catching websites for both our clients, and our clients` clients.

   We offer different levels of site developing:

  • —оздать сайт визиткуBusiness card type
  • —оздать малый проектSmall project
  • —оздать корпоративный сайтCorporate website
  • —оздать сайт каталогE-Catalogue
  • —оздать »нтернет магазинOnline shop
  • —оздать »нтернет порталPortal

   Being responsive and open-minded, we are willing to cooperate with large companies as well as with independent enterpreneurs. Our specialists are ready to share their insights with you, so that your business become even more profitable and thriving. We are oriented at the long-term relations with our clients, thus we feel excitement about implementing each project in order to continue cooperating on permanent basis.

   Here are what you get after ordering a website from us:

  • unique design
  • multifunctional sections
  • instructions
  • content filling
  • technical support
  • domain and hosting

   After you site has been designed, you would like to enliven it. In oher words, you need people to start visiting the site as much as possible with the help of site promotion.Not the less significant are photos and illustrations on your site.

Searching optimization

   SEO Ч Search Engine Optimization intends to increase your site`s traffic, with the purpose of spreading awareness and recognition among your potential clients and search engines(SE).
   Here are the SEO instruments we use:

  • semantic core composing
  • site map creation and quality internal redirection
  • original SEO articles writing
  • SMM (Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki)
  • promotion using blogs, forums, public listing boards, catalogues
  • links buying and exchange
  • profile promotion
  • banners using promotion
  • Email and Sms distribution(if there is a clients database).

   Price for each project is calculated individually!
   Key words (inquiries) have their inherent competition level which depends on the key words item and dynamic. The time and number of supplemential resources needed to push a site to the TOP of SE (Search Engine) is calculated individually as well. Based on these calculations, the price is being established.

We are not boosting key words to the TOP-5 or TOP-10 position, we creating the SEO that will constantly strive to the first positions in the SE!

Contextual advertising

   Why do you need contextual advertising?
   After we launch the contextual ad (takes up to 3 days) it starts to gain you targeted traffic right away!(means attracting potential clients who look particular commodity or service).
   Payment for clicks Ч money are charged for the clicks a potential client made but not for the showings of your site. Correctly composed advertising always aspire to decrease prices for the clicks.
   Click fraud protection Ч protection from the illegal clicking.
   Displaying at contextual-media network Ч showcasing your advertising within related thematic resources and Yandex`s and Google`s partners.
   Targeting Ч enables to specify in which exact country and city your advertising will be broadcasted, as well as in what time, for what age groups, on what operational systems, devices and more other precise settings made for drawing in more targeted traffic.
   Small budgets` work Ч our aim is to demonstrate the core of our work. Once you ascertain in our contextual advertising`s efficiency, it will be much more easier for us to cooperate:)
   Advertising compaign montoring, control and constant modification intending not only to pulling as much as possible of targeted traffic, but also to decrease necessary contextual ad`s budget!
   Reports composing Ч you will recieve your advertising campaign reports weekly.

Contextual advertising prices:    We charge 15% of the arranged budget either for Google Adwords, or Yandex.Direct.
The only difference is that Google requires additional tax comission fee of 20%.
Minimal budjet is - 50$ for the advertising of 5 different types of goods.

   In terms of Google, after paying 50$, a client gets 36$ to his Google Adwords account.
   In terms of Yandex, after paying 50$, a client gets 43$ to his Yandex.Direct account

   Website promotion is impossible without writing selling SEO articles. For this matter we offer services of copywriters.

   If the website is ennoying, in other words is not visually appealing, a consumer is going to leave the website without making targeted actions. In this case the promotion won`t help. What you need is developing a professional website .

Accurate copywriting

   Ideal Decision Studio offers original article writing, considering requested SE key words (inquiries). Contact us for obtaining efficient and authentic articles needed for your business!
   In the modern time it is not enough to just create a website and anticipate numerous visits doing nothing. What is truly necessary is to keep focusing on regular maintaining and developing your internet resource. Internet market is very dynamic and the winner here is the one who always follow the tendecies. There are dozens of variants to do so, although our work and experience has allocated couple of preferable methods to resolve. IDD Studio provides writing of an exceptional content for your website, utilizing key words that are mostly popular and related to your business. As a result, your potential consumers will immediately find your site, seeing the match of their inquiries. We offer you to put the writing procedure on the shoulders of the professionals and whilst sitting in your favourite chair, await for the optimistic results. Don`t hesitate to contact us so we could ensure development and promotion of your web resource.

Text translation

   One of the proudly presented services provided by our studio is the professional text translation from Russian/Ukrainian to English and vice verca. English language is a global language nowadays, as well as the major language of the internet space. There is no way for an adequate enterperneur to persistently refuse from the proposition of translating his website to the language of billions of people worldwide. It is just unreasonable because of obvious opportunity to attract extensive number of city guests or permanent English speaking residents, who are the same consumers as your native ones. Ideal Decision Studio is willing to execute prompt and proficient translation of your website, either you need separate page to be translated, or the website as a whole.
   P.S. Please don`t blame us if you would need to spend solid funds in order to educate your administrative staff about how to take orders in English. Although we could teach them this too, as far as you understand =).

However even the most properly written article wouldn`t be completed without correct architecture and attractive photos and illustrations..

Professional photography services

   We provide everything you need for professional photo shoots and portfolio sessions! You need a photo shoot for advertisiment? Maybe a photo shoot for particular website or internet community? Or you need to take pictures of your commodities for the e-catalogue? Perhaps you are interested in photo shoots of interior design, models portfolios or even wedding photo shootouts? We are ready to work for you any day a week! We are striving to make only "alive" photos so you would want to touch them, embrace them and even eat. Such photos will attract you from within the monitors, leaflets and billboards because what we put in their creation are not only our skills, but also our hearts.
   We are capable of doing object photo shoots for catalogues as well as complex arranged shootouts. We can easily orginize outdoor photo shoots or the ones in our studio. Whatever you need will be professionaly implemented by our photographers, as they are thorough, responsible and punctual.
   Offered services:

  • Advertising photography
  • Website photography
  • Model`s portfolio photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Corporate photography
  • Weddings
  • Reportage
  • Interiour design and architecture design photography
  • Family, children and pregnancy photography
  • Object photography for e-catalogues
  • Graduation album photography

   If you already have photos and you want to enhance them, we can do it for you with the help of our graphic editing.
   Graphic`s editing Ч chaning the original look of graphic image using classic or digital instruments. It is also can be named as a retouching, a retouch (fr. retoucher Ч to edit, fix). The goal of editing is a defects correction, publications` preparations and other creativity solutions. (Taken from Wiki)
   Once you see our works, you will feel the difference.
In virtue of the extensive experience of working with photos and images, we will create unparalleled layouts for printing.


   Ideal Decision Studio offers any kind of printing design services to its clients. We create beautiful designs for gift cards, ceremonial invitations, flyers and informational leaflets. We would gladly come up with the image for the banner, city-light, or other advertisements as well as draw illustrations for magazines and books. We will develop a custom design for calendars, brochures, posters and booklets, create a unique business card for you and your company. By ordering layouts in our studio, you get a gorgeous and easy to accept product for you and your business partners, clients or friends.
   As the commitments on design are done, the studio is ready to provide printing services, ensuring the highest level of quality and professionalism. IDD Studio will take responsibility for the full circle of work from the design creation to the printing output. We collaborate with only the reliable polygraphy printering productions, that have deserved our trust over the years. Hopefully, their terms and quality will please you the same way they have pleased us.

The studio creates:

  • business cards
  • leaflets
  • envelopes
  • gift cards and invitations
  • folders
  • graduation albums
  • magazines
  • booklets
  • posters
  • brochures

   IDD design studio will also help to create an illustration or a collage for the souvenirs` sake. A tea cup with your grandmom`s photo, a t-shirt with a beloved person, a warm hoodie with random graffiti are among our services. We can also print family photo on the canvas, photos of friends on puzzles, create labels for your laptop and print labels on bottles for anniversaries. We can deliver these and a lot of other things we can think of, draw, create and print.

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